Evening plenaries

05 May 2017
20:00 - 20:30

Evening plenaries

Duncan Foord
What have teachers ever done for us?

I will take an irreverent look at some elements of current ELT practice and suggest they might not necessarily be empowering students as much as we think and suggest what teachers and their students could be focusing on more to maximize student power in the classroom and outside it.
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Melody Philip & Marianna Knyazyan
When the learner is the teacher!

Melody (a teacher) and Marianna (a learner) will co-present a plenary based on the learning journey and the relationship between learning and teaching. The learner and their needs are ever-changing in the fast-paced 21st century environment but is teaching able to adapt to this new challenge or is it failing to catch up? Breaking down the barriers of traditional teaching and how the dialogue between teacher and learner might be navigated will form some of the central themes to our talk.
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Berta Rojals
My English learning experience – 6 lessons from a millennial Catalan learner

I have been studying English for 25 years and I haven’t stopped yet. I learned English in many formats: locally, abroad, face-to-face, online, in language exchange, in summer camps, with a host family… The amount of time put into my English learning is uncountable. If we tracked the time spent it would be the most expensive project ever. I’d love to share some insights from that journey that is bound to have so much in common with other learners.
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