Innovate ELT Conference 2016

Power to the Teacher!

6th – 7th May 2016, Barcelona

Starts: Friday 18.00h  // Ends: Saturday 20.30h

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How are teachers carrying out action research and what are they discovering? How are teachers addressing some of the big issues in ELT – workers rights, gender equality, fair treatment for non-native speakers? How are teachers turning ideas into books, apps and businesses?


Meet teachers, writers and publishers from around the world. Hear their ideas and share yours. Become part of the iELT community and experience the fun and excitement that we all felt last year.


Call for papers is now closed.

Big thank you to all who submitted a proposal, we are delighted with the huge amount we received!

If you’d like to pitch your idea, we still have some slots! Find more information here.

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  • Andrew Dodd

    Andrew is an EFL teacher based in Barcelona, as well as a teacher trainer and communication coach. His background is in community safety and community regeneration. He is particularly interested in developing practical applications of critical pedagogy and is heavily involved in the  ELT initiative “Mental Health Friendly”.   Read Andrew’s posts on the blog […]

  • Angelos Bollas

    Angelos (Cambridge Delta, MA ELT) is based in Greece, the UK, and online. He is responsible for learning technologies and teacher training at an educational institution in Greece. He blogs, participates in and co-moderates #ELTchat weekly discussions on twitter, and is an iTDi Blog contributor.

  • Beata Palińska

    Beata works as a teacher, trainer and Director of Studies in a language training centre in Lang LTC in Warsaw, Poland. Absurd hunter and foodie, she is a narrative techniques spotter (and thief!) who wouldn’t leave a well-written story unattended. Her literary inclinations find their way into teaching.

  • Beata Piechocinski

    Beata, M.A., teaches and coordinates full-time at York University as the York University Bridging Program Coordinator and as the Course Director for the Methodology Seminar in TESOL.  

  • Ben Goldstein

    Ben is an English language teacher, teacher trainer and conference speaker based in Barcelona. He teaches on the online MATESOL program of the New School in New York and specialises in language teaching materials writing. He is also an ELT materials writer. For CUP, he has published two methodology handbooks: Language Learning with Digital Video […]

  • Billie Haase

    Billie is a teacher and teacher trainer based at Oxford TEFL in Barcelona. She has an MA in communication research and phonetics and worked as a primary school teacher before moving into EFL teaching. In August 2013 she completed the Trinity Dip. TESOL and moved into teacher training. Some of her interests are using new […]

  • Blair Matthews

    Blair teaches EAP at the University of Bristol. He has 15 years EFL experience in South Korea, Bulgaria, Scotland and England. He is a also a workplace representative.

  • Carles Coarasa

    Carles is the General Manager of “Federation Mental Health Catalonia” and “Private Foundation Mental Health Catalonia”. Both institutions are working for the rights and quality of life of the persons with a mental health problem and their relatives through awareness and social inclusion services.

  • Ceri Jones

    Ceri is a teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer. She’s been working in ELT since 1986 and in Spain since 1998. She’s written for various course book series for adults including Inside Out, Straightforward and The Big Picture. She’s particularly interested in exploring effective learning techniques inside and outside the classroom.

  • Chia Suan Chong

    Chia is a teacher trainer and a General English and Business English trainer, and has been English Teaching Professional’s resident blogger ( for the past three years. Fascinated by the interplay between culture, language and thought, Chia is also an intercultural skills trainer and materials developer, and is now based in York, UK. She is […]

  • Chris Farrell

    Chris has been working in both the education and academic sectors since 2005, as a teacher, trainer, and researcher. Since completing the Delta in 2014, he has been Head of Teacher Development in Centre of English Studies Dublin, with responsibility for co-ordinating CPD across 7 institutions in the UK and Ireland.

  • Christina Nicole Giannikas

    Christina Nicole is a Special Scientist for Cyprus University of Technology, an author and a teacher trainer. She holds a PhD in Applied Linguistics. Her research interests include the use of creativity, teaching practices, early language learning and the use of new technologies in language teaching.

  • Duncan Foord

    Duncan Foord is the Director of OxfordTEFL, Barcelona. He has 30 years experience in language teaching, teacher training and school leadership and management. He is the author of From English Teacher to Learner Coach (with Dan Barber, The Round 2014), The Developing Teacher (Delta Publishing, 2009) and The Language Teachers Survival Handbook with Lindsay Clandfield […]

  • Elen Evans

    Elen works as an English teacher in International House (Barcelona), and also creates and conducts CLIL courses, teaching science through English for primary schools. Her TEFL career began in 1999 and she has worked as a teacher at The British Council (Italy, Egypt), International House (Spain, Portugal) and as a teacher trainer at Active Language in Cadiz.

  • Emma Louise Pratt

    Emma is the co-founder of Frameworks Education Group and the developer of the 2016 ELTons nominated “TEFL Preparation Course” from ELTcampus, an online platform she also co-founded and developed. She is an online learning developer, writer and English teacher since 1999. She is a practicing artist with a background in Fine Arts and Museology. Watch […]

  • Geoff Jordan

    Geoff (BSc (Econ); MA TEFL; PhD) lives near Girona, Spain. He’s semi-retired, does occasional immersion courses, and is an associate tutor in Leicester University’s DL MA in Applied Linguistics.

  • Geoff Stead

    Geoff is a global expert in m-learning and other emerging learning technologies. He is currently based at Cambridge University where he is working to create apps to teach the world to speak English. Until recently he lead a specialist Mobile Learning unit at Qualcomm in California where he and his team developed a mobile appstore […]

  • Helen Strong

    Helen is a Business Skills Trainer, Teacher Trainer and Materials Writer based in southern Germany. She advocates equal rights in ELT and, as Chair of the Munich English Language Teachers Association, she introduced the policy of refusing to accept job adverts which stipulated native speaker teachers only.

  • Jade Cintron

    Jade is a teacher specializing in theatre and TPR. She is the Manager & Events Coordinator of the Barcelona TEFL Teacher’s Association (BTTA), an ESL Teacher Facebook support group with over 6,000 members from around the world. She is currently teaching and Academic Coordinator for the Kids department at Tea or Coffee School of English […]

  • James Hoyle

    James is a founding Director of Go English (Barcelona 2002). He is a history graduate from Oxford, who later qualified as a solicitor, before deciding there were better ways to make a living. He entered TEFL in 1995. His first TEFL job was at the Bobby Charlton Soccer School in Manchester. He thereafter fled for […]

  • Jamie Keddie

    Jamie is a teacher, trainer and international conference speaker. He is the founder of the recently relaunched Lessonstream. Jamie’s areas of interest include the use of visual materials, storytelling and video technologies in the classroom. His publications include ‘Images’ (OUP 2009) and ‘Bringing online video into the classroom’ (OUP 2014).

  • Jamie Miller

    Jaime has self-published and sold 3 courses through her students-only website directly to learners since 2011. She strongly advocates protecting the material you poured your energy into and rethinking how you engage with your learner community.

  • Janset Altay

    Janset has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, head of foreign languages department. She most enjoys teaching young learners and trying to find more creative ideas / strategies for her learners so that they enjoy learning as much as she does.

  • Jo Sayers

    Jo is Head Of Product at ELTjam. He has worked in ELT since 2006, moving from classroom teaching into test writing and syllabus design and most recently eLearning and Product Management roles. He has spoken at conferences in France, Turkey and UK and is Technology Coordinator for IATEFL’s MaWSIG.

  • Justin Noppe

    Justin is a well-experienced, DELTA-qualified teacher and teacher trainer. He focuses on speaking and helps learners achieve speaking automaticity. Having worked in Indonesia, France, Argentina and Thailand, Justin has experience with many languages, cultures and different types of students. Living and teaching in London is where Justin feels at home.

  • Karin Krummenacher

    Karin is Swiss and has taught pre-school children, teenagers and adults across all competency levels. She has been working as a tutor on initial teacher training courses since 2013 and takes an active interest in teacher development and equality in the EFL industry. Karin is a full-time trainer for Oxford TEFL, the only provider of […]

  • Kat Robb

    Kat is a teacher and teacher trainer currently living in Spain. She has taught in Brazil, China, Japan, France and the UK where she returns every summer to teach EAP at a British university.  She has a special interest in the use of new technologies for teaching and learning and shares her ideas speaking at […]

  • Kieran Donaghy

    Kieran is a teacher, trainer, film producer and award-winning writer. His website on the use of film in language teaching Film English won a British Council ELTons Award for Innovation in Teacher Resources. He is the author of the methodology book Film in Action (Delta Publishing).

  • Laura Patsko

    Formerly an English teacher and teacher trainer, Laura Patsko now works as Senior ELT Research Manager for Cambridge University Press. Her main interests lie in teacher education, pronunciation and sociolinguistics, especially the use of English as a Lingua Franca.

  • Linda Ruas

    Linda is now working as an ESOL teacher, CELTA trainer and teaching coach at Greenwich Community College, London. She also runs the New Internationalist Easier English wiki: . She has taught and trained teachers in Brazil and Japan. Blog posts at InnovateELT: The Power of Global Justice.

  • Maha Hassan

    Maha is a professional Teacher Trainer, Head of English Arab Academy for Training Technology and founder of Maha ESL Training Community. She has presented at a number of international conferences: K12 Online Conference, Nile Tesol , LIF Turkey, Global Education, Reinventing the Classroom and Learning Revolution Online Conferences.

  • Marek Kiczkowiak

    Marek has taught English in 6 countries. He’s an IELTS examiner holds BA in English, CELTA, DELTA and is doing a PhD in TESOL. He’s a blogger at, podcaster at and advocate of professional equality between NS and NNS at 

  • Mark Smith

    Mark is a teacher and teacher developer based at The Wimbledon School of English.  His development work frequently takes him abroad, recently Georgia, where he delivered the British Council Train the Trainer course. In his spare time he studies and tutors philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London.

  • Marta Cervera

    Marta is an English teacher and a certified educational consultant. She currently works as a Teacher Trainer for Pearson. She has been involved in education since before she can remember. When she’s not in front of a computer or talking about education, you can find her enjoying outdoor activities.

  • Mehtap İnce

    Having diplomas of Foreign Language Education and DELTA as well as certificates of Linguistics, ICELT and Testing, Mehtap has worked as an English language instructor at university settings. She has worked as level coordinator and testing unit coordinator in İstanbul Şehir University and is doing MA in PD for Language Education.

  • Melody Philip

    Melody was originally a therapist in London, working with children, adults and teenagers but relocated to southern Spain to be near her family. She took the CELTA at IH Barcelona and is currently involved in ELT as a teacher and teacher trainer, based in Barcelona. Her interests include storytelling and creating supportive spaces for authentic […]

  • Mike Howard

    Mike Howard has been involved in ELT for 20 years. For 10 years he worked as a teacher in France and since then has had a variety of roles in ELT assessment and publishing. He is currently responsible for managing Macmillan’s brands for their new digital and blended products ensuring that the teaching and pedagogy are placed right at the heart.

  • Milada Krajewska

    A freelance teacher, trainer, event organiser and materials designer, Milada has been learning to teach for almost two decades. Academic Development Manager at Lang LTC in Warsaw (Poland), she thrives on tweaking standard solutions and juicing new formats. Her lessons combine pop-up culture, improv, cooking, visual storysharing and unconferencing.

  • Nathan Beyerlein

    Nathan is a TEFL Express blogger, teacher trainer, school owner and teacher living in Hoi An, Vietnam. He has been teaching for nearly a decade and training teachers for nearly half of that time. He feels that the most important thing in learning of any kind is motivation.

  • Neil McMillan

    Neil is the president of SLB as well as a freelance teacher, trainer and writer. He currently works with Oxford House and a variety of  companies and organisations around Barcelona. He is a contributor to the Designer Lessons blog and a member of the TAW (Teachers as Workers) collective.

  • Nicholas Whitley

    Nicholas has been teaching General and Business English for over a decade. He is currently in the process of finishing his Trinity College DipTESOL at OxfordTEFL in Barcelona.

  • Nick Robinson

    Nick Robinson is a co-founder of ELTjam. He has worked in ELT publishing since 2004, as a Marketer, Editor, and Brand Manager at Cambridge University Press; as Publishing Manager of English360; and as a freelance ELT project manager, content developer, author, trainer and conference speaker. In 2012, he founded the world’s first ELT author representation […]

  • Nicky Hockly

    Nicky is Director of Pedagogy at The Consultants-E, an award-winning online training and development organisation. She is a teacher, trainer and international speaker, and has written several award-winning methodology books on technologies in ELT. Her most recent is Focus on Learning Technologies (2016). She lives in Barcelona and is a technophobe turned technophile.

  • Nicola Meldrum

    Nicola Meldrum is a teacher educator, writer and teacher. She has been involved in ELT since 1999. She is based in Barcelona and is the course director on the Trinity Dip TESOL programme at OxfordTEFL. Her areas of interest include teacher education and professional development.

  • Nicola Prentis

    Nicola is an award winning materials-writer based in Madrid and London. She has written Graded Readers, a speaking skills self-study book and several apple-cart-upsetting posts on her blog She tweets from @NicolaPrentis.

  • Paul Walsh

    Paul is a teacher, writer and organiser. He has written articles for EL Gazette and ET Professional and blogs at He is the founder of two grassroots groups: Berlin Language Worker GAS and Teachers as Workers Special Interest Group (TaWSIG) which aim to improve working conditions for ELT teachers.

  • Peter Atkinson

    Peter is the founder of BusinessEnglishPod, an online platform for business English learners with 160,000 registered users and 60M lessons downloaded. He has set up 100’s of courses in many of the most popular LMSs. Frustrated by the shortcomings of these options, Peter developed his own Course Builder plugin to enable users to create their […]

  • Rachel Playfair

    Rachel has lived in Barcelona since 1993. Her academic background includes studies in Psychology, ELT and Applied Linguistics. She has over 20 years experience in TEFL, management, CLIL and publishing. She is a self-employed, qualified coach at Language Strategy Coaching and also works as a teacher-trainer and educational project consultant.

  • Rob Ashby

    Rob is a Digital Marketing consultant at a top Silicon valley start up, as well as a Spanish speaker and ex-English teacher.

  • Sandra Grujevska

    Sandra (1981) from Skopje, Republic of Macedonia, graduate ELT by profession with 9 years of experience, earned MA in International Relations and Diplomacy at University American College- Skopje. Founder of the Language School “”Step by Step-Skopje”” and responsible for implementing different methodologies and learning strategies. Involved in Teacher Training Courses by British Council Skopje. Certified […]

  • Sandy Millin

    Sandy is a teacher and CELTA trainer. She’s worked in many different countries, mostly for International House. She is currently the Director of Studies at IH Bydgoszcz in Poland. She is passionate about her career and spends most of her life outside the classroom thinking, reading or writing about teaching. She particularly enjoys sharing what […]

  • Shaun Sweeney

    Shaun Sweeney is a teacher and trainer based in Barcelona. His key interests include listening skills and closing the gap between theory and practice in ELT and teacher training. He has worked in various TEFL contexts over 17 years, with his longest spells being in Italy, the UK and Japan.

  • Shira Packer

    Shira, M.A., teaches ESL and TESOL and coordinates Short-term Special Programs at York University in Toronto, Canada. She has over 15 years of experience as an educator, teaching in  ESL, EAP, ESP, and TESOL in countries including Canada, China, and Brazil.

  • Sinem Daridere

    Sinem is an ex-banker, enthusiastic TESOL, CELTA and DELTA Module 2 qualified Senior Teacher at International House Izmir. Sinem worked at Citibank NA Istanbul for 10 years and decided to follow her dreams. She has been teaching for 8 years. She is also a Psychodrama co-leader.

  • Stephen Chadwick

    Stephen has been publishing digital ESL content since 1998 and has worked as a developer for many of the main ESL publishers including British Council, BBC, Cambridge Assessment, CUP and Pearson.

  • Tim Crook

    Tim, MA Technology and Language Learning. Tim is the Development Manager at Go English Communication. He has worked in language learning for 20 years, specializing in the implementation of technology in learning, with more than 10 years’ experience in language learning in VLEs.




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